Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Memorable experience - Cruise Party of the Night.

Another overdue post!
I hope you people are satisfied for today’s updates.
So much to update but so so little time.
I’ll try updating frequently.

Cruise Party of the Night.

Felt happy and lucky to be invited, give me a chance to look at this type of party. Thank you !! Let's start the story of the day.

The original plan, are going to watch the sunset scene on board.
However, because it is knock off time, summore we are not familiar with the road, did spend a lot of time. The time we arrived, the day was already dark, and also mean that we have missed that beautiful scene. Feel helpless and pity. How sad ... T.T

Although the weather has been late in the evening, but the party is still going on ..

The mood is EXPECTED  !
Party mood ON ! 

The cruise contain 3 floors. The top floor is the place where we had some talk.
We enjoy the sea breeze, music, dinner and drink, prepare ourself for the party night.

After the dinner, the PARTY is ON !
Everyone help to tidy the space, the music change and start ROCK and ROLL.
It is a AMAZING.

By The time we arrived, the foods were waiting us on the ship. It was late, everyone was so hungry. Once we aboard the ship , everyone seem can't wait for another minute to have a bite of food. So first program is enjoy the buffet.

Although not very special food, but they are very tasty for hungry boys and girls.
The living room is at second floor, it has a kitchen in it.. The living room is grand and luxury. 
It make me feel comfortable staying in there.
Most important we've got karaoke here. 
When we feel tired after we had enough ROCK and ROLL at the top floor,
we decide to have some singing session to recharge ourself.

LED TV and Karaoke

Nice sofa with comfortable pillow
Last floor has 4 rooms. 2 rooms have two layer bed. Another 2 rooms is for 4 pax. 
So there is a place for us to have some rest. Although the rooms are not big, 
but they are simple yet delicate. It is very comfortable.

Beds look small, but good enough after beer session.

I am the captain of my ship.
Let's keep it short, photo session time. Picture with all my girls.
Cruise + Mask Night 

Am I look like Cleopatra?

A blink of the eyes,its already end of November.
1 months left and another new year is waiting for us ahead.
So people!
Fullfill the 1 months you have if you hadn’t done anything much this year.
Do not let time pass you by without achieving anything.
Everyone has their own little special ways to make their lifes colourful.


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