Monday, October 22, 2012

Just to make sure you don't miss my update 爲了確保大家不會錯過我的更新

In order to make sure you don't miss my update, I write this post to share with you how to subscribe my Blog , Facebook page and Instagram.


If you can't see the picture clearly, please click on it to zoom in.

Facebook 面子書

1. At my facebook page , click LIKE button.
2. After click LIKE button, move your mouse cursor a bit to right and click on the Tool button.
3. Then, click on " Add To Interest List" option.
4. By doing this, you wouldn't miss my post anymore.

1. 首先在我的面子書專頁 ,按 LIKE 按鈕。
3. 然後選擇“Add To Interest List”。
4. 這樣你就不會再錯過我的更新了。

Remember to click "Add to Interest Lists".記得按"Add to Interest Lists"哦~

Blog 部落格

If you currently subscribing any blog using RSS reader, you can use the button at the right column to add my post feed into your RSS reader.

If you don't have any RSS reader, you can subscribe my blog using email. When I have any update, the post will send directly into your mailbox.
如果你沒有使用RSS reader的習慣,你可以透過電郵訂閱我的部落格。這樣每當我有更新,它會自動送到你的電郵箱裡。

At right column, there is a Follow by Email option. Enter your email address and click submit button. Enter the Captcha to confirm your email subscription.
 在我部落格右邊有一個Follow By Email的選項。填入你的電郵地址,然後按Submit按鈕。接著鍵入Captcha確認你的訂閱。
When you received this prompt, you can go to your inbox to check the verification message.
Click on the link in the verification message.

That all. You can sit back and wait for the update from the my blog to be appear in your inbox..


Click the Search button. 按搜索按鈕。

Search for jovysyan.Once you found my instagram, click on it. 尋找jovysyan。當你尋找到我的instagram,按進去。

Once you are in my instagram page, click follow button. 在我的instagram,按Follow按鈕。
That all for today. Hope you wouldn't miss my update again.



  1. 我还是觉得用email的比较适合我,谢谢你的讯息哦~


Thank you for your comment.To ensure that I don't miss out your comment, I had enable the comment moderation. Once I read your comment, I will post it out.

你已訂閱我的更新嗎?如果還沒有,請到這裏 一趟,就可以知道如何訂閱我的更新,這樣就可以確保你不會錯過我的一切。
Had you subscribe to my update?If not, please visit here, in order to subscribe my update and to make sure you don't miss anything about me.